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French Door Refrigerators

French Door Refrigerators

French Door Refrigerators have become really popular among consumers nowadays. These are refrigerators that are featured by the combination of a side-by-side refrigerator and a bottom freezer refrigerator. They have freezer compartments at the bottom that can have either a swinging door or a pull out drawer. On top is the double refrigerator that comes in excellent design.

These refrigerators have the added benefit of Bottom Freezer Refrigerators which offer wide freezer and refrigerator portions while maximizing the capacity. At the same time, French Door Refrigerators boast a divided door that Side by Side Refrigerators are designed with. These yield features such as quality filtered water dispenser and in-door icemaker.

The features and quality of these refrigerators actually vary according to your chosen brand. Brands like LG, Samsung and GE manufacture different models of these refrigerators.

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If you have realized that it’s truly a French Door Refrigerator that you want, then you can directly enjoy yourself checking our page for French Door Refrigerator Reviews.

The can see prices for the average models of these refrigerators to range from $1800-$3500. You can also check the supreme Pro 48 French Door Refrigerator which may cost you some $12,000. This fridge is fabulous if this is within your budget.

These refrigerators are made by only a few manufacturers and they come in a wide range of features and prices. However, if it is your desire to look for a fridge that allows you to take advantage of the space that a bottom freezer refrigerator yields and the essential features of a side by side, then a French Door Refrigerator is just what you are looking for.

Important Considerations in Buying a French Door Refrigerator

1.Capacity – When it comes to width, this refrigerator answers your space worries in storing your items. It does not have wide doors and pull out freezer compartment that makes it easier for you to accommodate wide radius.

2.Features – What’s great about this refrigerator is that it possesses all features that any consumer will look for in a fridge. Aside from getting the in-door ice and water dispensers of a side by side, it is also proud of its built-in LCD TV in its door.

You have to note however, that built-in features can take some of the storage spaces of your refrigerator. You can check LG Refrigerator’s In Door Ice and Water Dispensers, as these features are built into the fridge’s door and this allows you to save a storage space.

3.Price– You can expect the price of French Door Refrigerators to vary depending on the manufacturer you choose.

In general, we find a good price for these units with Samsung and LG Refrigerators. Nevertheless, there are a lot of models that you can choose from if you have a big budget.

Side by Side Refrigerators

Side by Side Refrigerators

Side by side refrigerators are available with a combination of both freezer and refrigerator that are set side by side. This is the right option for kitchens where it is the highest capacity that you demand for, but are not big enough to accommodate units with wide doors.

A lot of these refrigerators are available with spacious freezer compartments, in-door ice and water dispensers and multiple shelves. It’s just important that you find the unit that allows you to enjoy great tasting and quality ice and water.You can find best side by side refrigerators in India here.

Sure, you know that it’s great on your part to have these features; however, it is also necessary to note that they take up some space inside your refrigerator as well.

Note: If you desire to have a wide refrigerator, side by side refrigerators may not be the good one for you, as they just come with a narrow width.

Key Features To Be Considered

In buying Side by Side Refrigerators, it is significant to consider some features that will be helpful for you in your shopping decision.

1.Capacity– A lot of these refrigerators have limited capacity as their compartments are narrow. Even their features like the interior light and water dispenser have taken their space and make them even narrower. You have the option to select models with Adjustable Shelving and Split Shelving features.

Selecting those with Gallon Size Door Capacity will also be great, as it will be an added benefit for you to be able to store gallons of liquids such juices or milk in the door instead of occupying all the upper shelves’ space.

2.High Quality and Easy to Replace Water Filters– Water filters must be both easy to replace and quality assured. Majority of refrigerators actually possess these important features nowadays. However, you can expect that there still a few that would give you an access to the filter unit if you would extend your arm around the refrigerator’s back side.  The average lifespan of most refrigerator water filters must be six months.

3.Lighting– In considering this feature, it really makes sense if you take into account those models that feature a lot of lighting sources especially those that use the new LED Light Bulbs.

Our Recommendations for Side by Side Refrigerators

Despite the wide variety of refrigerator models in the market today, we come up with the most outstanding selections here. We evaluated a broad variety of models based on styling, functionality, durability and ease of cleaning. Expect to view all the possible options for side by side refrigerators from our reviews.

Side by Side Refrigerator Brands

General Electric– General Electric Company or GE, the second biggest corporation in the world, manufactures refrigerators that boast quality, top performance and functionality.

LG– LG Electronics makes refrigerators that are figured with innovations. Their high quality products are offered at reasonable prices.

Samsung– This brand offers refrigerators that ensure superior performance and exceptional design.

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